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No Quit in Success

After receiving verbal and written warnings, it is mandatory to pass the upcoming assessment. The task needed to pass ensures your will to finish is strong. With the timeline creeping closer to the end every step weighs heavier. While stopping is an option and the road allows plenty of space for slacking, persistence and dedication will not allow quitting. The finish line is approaching and nothing interferes with your success.

Quit can not be associated with fail. The hero completed the task successfully only after earlier attempts were unsuccessful. "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently" (Henry Ford). Take the opportunity to build on projects that end too soon, come better prepared after arriving late to the board meeting.

Knowledge is familiarity gained by experience. Through life events the determination to succeed is molded.

Success is gauged and measured by belief. One believes fighting flies while walking in humid weather is a personal accomplishment.

It is important to consider the cause and effect. Statistics are often useful. Outline the objective and understand the factors to aid with achievement with that objective.

Consider the outcome of every feat. Shift elements that are not considered an asset, reflect on the issue, then adjust the focus to obtain a positive accomplishment. Success is decision not to quit.

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