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Developing the Leader Within

No matter the task to be accomplished some people are born with the natural ability to influence or lead a group of people. Others are able to become “learned leaders”. For another this can be a relatively challenging thing to do. If you reflect back on your life I am sure you will think of a great leader you have come across in life, and maybe even an awful leader too. Given a mental visual it is like Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon) versus someone like Adolf Hitler. Jeff Bezos is listed as one of the top leaders of the U.S. and Hitler is probably the most hated around the world. A great leader is considered to always have their followers’ best interest in mind.

Whether someone is a natural born leader or a learned leader, there are things we can take from both types of leaders to become exceptional leaders ourselves. You can be transactional or transformational. A transactional leader is heavily focused on maintaining the daily flow of everything. The transactional leader will be more concerned with business numbers, statistics, and be more of a disciplinary. Not much room for growth as transactional leader nor for the business you are conducting. On the other hand, if you become a transformational leader you and your people are on the road to success. As a transformational leader your focus will always be on crafting strategies to bring your team to the next level of success, motivating, and building strong reputations. To become the ultimate leader it is best to have a little of both the transactional and transformational characteristics as it helps keep organization while minimizing the amount of stress you and your support encounter. You can efficiently run the business, keeping your numbers where they need to be as well as engage in a safe and enjoyable work environment, both aspects leading to rapid success.

If you are learning to be a leader or always have been reflect on these characteristics and see how you can add them to your skill set in business as well as everyday life. Lead your team from the front, not your desk. Try not to be in your office for more than twenty percent of the day and spend the other eighty percent with the group. Sure those phone calls and all that paper work are important, but do not forget your team outside those four walls. Besides, where would you be without them?

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